"Again" by Yui is the first opening theme for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood , serving as the opening for the first season. It was released on June 3, 2009 in two formats: a CD and a Limited Edition CD+DVD. "Again" appears on Yui's album Holidays in the Sun and is succeeded by "Hologram" in Episode 15.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 1-Again creditless01:30

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 1-Again creditless



Original Romanization English Translation
この想いを消してしまうには まだ人生長いでしょ


Kono omoi wo keshite shimau niwa mada jinsei nagai desho?

Yarinokoshi te'ru koto yarinaoshite mitai kara

I still have too long a life ahead.
Just to give up and drop off all these dreams.
I just want to try and fix all the things that I've left undone

夢の続き 追いかけていたはずなのに
曲がりくねった 細い道 人に躓く
あの頃にみたいに 戻りたいわけじゃないの なくしてきた空を 探してるく
分かってくれますように 犠牲になったような 悲しい顔は やめてよ

Yume no tsuzuki oikakete ita hazu nano ni

Magarikunetta hosoi michi hito ni tsumazuku
Ano koro mitai ni tte modoritai wakejanai no Nakushite kita sora wo sagashite'ru
wakatte kuremasu you ni Gisei ni natta you na kanashii kao wa yamete yo

I thought that I could reach
Something carried over I saw within my dreams
And yet I stumble on all my actions on this road
That's in front of me
It's not like I want things to go back to the way before
All I want is to open my eyes and feel the sun
Don't let them see that you're afraid No, don't make a face
And, no, you can't let them know you want them
To pity you


出口見えない感情迷路に 誰を待ってるの
何から 逃れたいんだ

Tsumi no saigo wa namida ja nai yo,

zutto kurushiku seotte'ku n da
Deguchi mienai kanjou meiro ni dare wo matte'ru no?
Shiroi nooto ni tsuzutta you ni
motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo
nani kara nogaretai n da…
genjitsu tte yatsu ka?

You can't let every single sin end with tears
Wear them proudly on your sleeve along with your fears
It's like your waiting for someone to draw near
In a maze of emotion
There comes a day where you find a way to escape
A blank page, now I'm writing out my own fate
I've grown tired of running away from a thing called reality

叶える為に生きてるんだって 叫びたくなるよ 聞こえていますか

優しさにはいつも感謝してる だから強くなりたい
懐かしくなる こんな痛みも歓迎じゃん

Kanaeru tame ni ikite'ru n datte Sakebitaku naru yo Kikoete imasu ka?

Bunan ni nante yatte'rarenai kara…
kaeru basho mo nai no
Yasashisa niwa itsumo kansha shite'ru Dakara tsuyoku naritai (I'm on the way)
Natsukashiku naru konna itami mo kangei jan

And I will scream from the top of my lungs I'm living to fulfill my hopes
(Can you hear me?)
I'm no longer taking the safer way out of anything
(We'll never go back)
I'll always find strength from those who will help me
They'll always be there by my side
(I'm on my way)
The hope for tomorrow
Will help me ease all my pain today!





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